Sheila Streu - Dishonest/Unethical Dog Breeder

Glencoe, Minnesota 4 comments

Had a verbal/written Agreement to purchase a puppy.Told her we wanted it.

Had appt. to visit, she even called it "your puppy". Sent us many pictures and descriptions. Chatted us up!

Then her son then sold the dog to someone else the night before. Gave her 2 opportunities for us to put down pmt. but she had to go ice fishing. But she only wants cash?

No checks. Beware. Sent us some pretty nasty emails too after we complained and asked her to remedy...Hey, you sold our dog!

We had dibs...and that what she did was not fair.Even threatened us with Libel/Slander if we told our story!

Review about: Dog Breeder.


Cokato, Minnesota, United States #813850

have known this breeder for many years and have bought two dogs from the place...they raise their dogs with a lot of compassion and have them in nice house and take them for walks....

she is always considerate of who asks first. It sounds like you just probably dinked/ screwed around for so long and didn't go buy the dog so she got sick of waiting and sold it. and why would she want checks??????????

so they can have the chance of bouncing and being screwed, think about it.So I highly doubt she threatened you, this story is more like you are probably just trying to get even with her or make her look bad, when its your fault you played around so long trying to decide whether or not you wanted the dog.

to Anonymous Farmington, Minnesota, United States #1153292

I agree with you. We have bought to dogs from her with out any problem.

Would definitely buy again!!!

to Anonymous Farmington, Minnesota, United States #1153295

Two dogs...

Chesterfield, Missouri, United States #681002

False.Sounds like there must be two sides to this story.

Usually is.

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